Complaints Procedure

Complaints are to be submitted via email to Please include as much detail as possible in the description on your complaint as well as any supporting documentation. Once received an acknowledgment of receipt email will be sent in reply with the contact details of the relevant staff member conducting the investigation. Furthermore, all complaints are overseen by an authorised Key Individual of Sharenet Financial in order to ensure that the complaint receives proper consideration.

The complainant will be informed of the results of the consideration as soon as possible but no later than within 6 weeks after receipt:

  • If the outcome is not favourable to the client, full written reasons will be given within this time and the complainant will be advised that the complaint may be pursued (within 6 months) with the Ombud whose name, address and contact details will be simultaneously provided.
  • If the outcome is in favour of the complainant, Sharenet Financial will ensure that a full and appropriate level of redress is offered to the client without delay.

Records of complaints are maintained for 5 years.