Foreign National (Non-South African) Application

Thank you for wanting to open an online account with us.

Important Notice:

Sharenet Securities is a licenced provider of intermediary services for shares and not a provider of advice. It is crucial that you know how the stock market operates and to have some knowledge of the companies and shares in which you invest. It is also crucial that you consult a licensed financial adviser to formulate your investment objectives and constraints to guide your investment decision making. Your objectives are your risk and return requirements. Constraints are your time horizon, tax considerations, legal and regulatory factors, liquidity needs and unique circumstances. These should be reassessed annually with your financial advisor or any time you experience a material change in circumstance.

Opening an Account:

Due to FICA regulations, we need certain paper work to be completed and certified copies posted to us, couriered or dropped off before we can open your account. You will need to download, print, complete and sign the mandate available as a PDF file.

FICA Documents Required:

  1. An original certified copy of your passport, driver’s licence or national identity card.
  2. A cancelled cheque or an original or original certified copy of a bank statement, not older than 3 months and both must reflect the client’s name.
  3. An original or original certified copy of proof of residential address in your name, for example current lease agreement or utility bill not older than 3 months.
  4. If you do not have a proof of address in your name, please complete the Cohabitant Form below and include an original certified copy of the ID of the person in whose name the proof of address is.

Send all documents via registered post to Box 30584, Tokai, 7966 or via courier to 4 Silverwood Close, Steenberg Office Park, Cape Town, 7945. Also provide us with a tracking number if allocated one.

Please note that the minimum account size of R10,000 applies when opening an account with Sharenet Securities. If you wish to speak to somebody at Sharenet Securities, simply enter your contact information below so that a Sharenet Securities executive can contact you or alternatively give us a call or send an email. All our details are available at