New to Trading?


If you are brand new to trading, first invest in your education. Use this time to familiarize yourself with basic concepts and get a good grasp of how the markets operate. Building a good foundation of knowledge will always be of benefit to you in the long run.

Sharenet College offers a fantastic, comprehensive 25 module self-study stock exchange course which will start with basic concepts, guide you through intermediate topics and work through advanced modules as well.

By the end of the course you should feel informed, comfortable and confident. Throughout your learning period a simulated account is made available so that you can put into practice what you are learning.

  The great news is that Sharenet Securities clients get 20% off their Platinum Stock Exchange Course fees. Simply call Sharenet and confirm that you have a Sharenet Securities account and they will arrange the discount.

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Stay Informed

Sharenet Securities, through our relationship with Sharenet is able to offer unique services in addition to providing a fantastic online-trading platform. One of these unique benefits comes in the form of the rich data and reports that our clients have access to. Subscribe to The Sharenet Daily for free and receive a daily market wrap-up sent to your email.

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Another complimentary publication that Sharenet produces is their monthly MarketViews newsletter, which contains commissioned articles on trading, investing, technical analysis and company analysis. To add your email address to the distribution list, simply follow the links below:

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Sharenet Securities along with Sharenet and SharenetCFDs hosts investing and trading courses across South Africa. The aim is to help clients trade with confidence and to insure that money management and risk management rules are being applied correctly and effectively.

Attendees will also discover how to trade and invest according to tried and tested strategies that can deliver superior returns over time.

  As a Sharenet Securities client, you receive a discount of 20% on seminar tickets. Simply call Sharenet and confirm that you have a Sharenet Securities account and they will arrange the discount.

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