We offer the lowest trading cost in South Africa on a modern, secure and friendly platform. Talk to us if you have questions.

What you pay

Account fee             R  250.00  per quarter  We won’t charge this if you trade three or more times a quarter. Excludes VAT.
Commission 0.3%  per trade  Plus levies. Minimum fee R 110.00.  See an example

 What you get

Platform access Unlimited 24/7
Live price snap shots Unlimited*
15 minute delayed prices Unlimited
Trade notifications Unlimited via email or SMS


You may choose to add the following to your account:

Streaming live prices R 170.00  per month
Alerts R    0.50 per alert
Streaming live market depth R   63.00  per month
R 341.00  per month
Advanced online charts R 213.00 per month
Professional users R 799.00 per month

Charges for other services

Electronic funds transfers to you R 15.00 per transfer
Forex transactions fee levied by the JSE partner 0.1% or R 1 000.00 minimum per transaction
Moving your account from us to another broker R 120.00 per open position
Registration / dematerialization fee We will pass these on to you from our CSDP
Cash deposits into our account Cash deposits are not allowed. If you do a cash deposit we will pass any cash deposit fees on to you


All prices on this page are inclusive of VAT.

*Sharenet incurs a costs imposed by the JSE each time a client uses the price look-up function, so in the case of a client abusing this function and using it to track share prices instead of execute trades we reserve the right to charge the client 20c per lookup above 50 per month.

Contact us for details on professional pricing.


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