Our offering

Sharenet Securities, a Juristic Representative of Bell Tower Financial (Pty) Ltd, is a discount online retail stockbroker with a next generation platform for trading JSE listed equities and ETFs. For maximum efficiency in execution and monitoring of your trades, safe custody of your holdings and unutilised cash, pick Sharenet Securities.

Sharenet Securities’ online trading platform has been designed for retail investors and traders in consultation with professional stock market participants to cater for beginners and advanced users alike. No matter what your experience, you are sure to find our platform user-friendly and extremely intuitive and all this at market leading rates.

Salient features include:

  1. An incredibly fast trading platform that is accessible from anywhere around the world.
  2. Limit, Market and Full-Fill order entry options.*
  3. For each trade an instantaneous break-down of value, cost, available portfolio cash and current holdings.
  4. Current share price and volume data.
  5. SMS and/or email notification of executed orders.
  6. A comments bar for each trade to help keep track of your numerous trading/investing strategies.
  7. Current open orders list and trades/deals history.
  8. Real time account balances and statements.
  9. Real time portfolio break-down details.
  10. Integrated research, live data feeds and market depth.
  11. Highly qualified and friendly telephone support and order entry for when clients are unable to trade online.

* Limit orders are placed in the market with a limit price and will only execute at the limit price. Market orders do not have a limit price and will execute at best bid for sell orders and best offer for buy orders. Full-Fill orders monitor market depth and place the order only when a full match is available. The 3 different order entry types are for specific trading strategies/goals and the client needs to understand which to use when and the risks associated with each before trading. The full description is available on Sharenet’s online trading platform.


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