Sharenet Financial 2005/037938/07 – Disclosure

In terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) (ACT NO 37 OF 2002) the following information is disclosed to clients and potential clients:

Full name: Sharenet Financial (Pty) Ltd

Physical address: 4 Silverwood Close, Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa

Postal address: PO BOX 30584, Tokai, 7966, South Africa

Telephone: 021 700 4800

Fax: 021 700 4802


Sharenet Financial has been in practice since 2005 and is an Independent Financial Services Provider authorised by the FSB in the following license categories:

Securities and Instruments : Shares x x
Securities and Instruments : Money market instruments x x
Securities and Instruments : Warrants, certificates and other instruments x x
Securities and Instruments : Bonds x x
Securities and Instruments : Derivative instruments x x
Foreign currency denominated investment instruments x x
Deposits defined in the Banks Act – 12 months or less x x

In respect to the Sharenet Securities Mandate we offer only INTERMEDIARY services across the Securities and Instruments: Shares category only. Our key regulatory staff are as follows:

James Bishop KI and Representative CA (SA)Regulatory exams
Ian Stigling Representative HonsBComm
Registered Securities Trader (JSE)
Regulatory Exams
Caelim Hannibal Representative (under supervision) ND: Information Technology

Sharenet Financial does not own more than 10 % of issued shares directly or indirectly in any Life Assurer or Financial Services Provider; and is not an associated company of any life assurer or Financial Services Provider.

Sharenet Financial earns its income from a share of the commission paid by the client when transacting in shares.

Sharenet Financial has Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of R1,000,000

Sharenet Financial has published the following documents on its website for your review:

  • Terms and Conditions of trading
  • Conflicts of Interest policy
  • Risk Disclosure
  • Privacy Notice
  • Internal Complaint Procedure

Copies are also available on request

Sharenet  Financial may never request or induce you in any manner to waive any right or benefit conferred on you by, or in terms of, any provision of the General Code of Conduct for Authorised Financial Service Providers and Representatives. Similarly Sharenet Financial cannot recognise, accept or act on any such waiver by you, our client and any such waiver is deemed to be null and void.

Etude Compliance Services (Pty) Ltd is the business’ compliance officer and is represented by Talita Olivier (071 523 1380, Etude Compliance Services can be contacted at Unit 211, Pinehurst Building, Somerset Links Office Park, Somerset West. Tel No: (021) 852 6667.