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Fee Breakdown

Standard fees (excl VAT):

30 basis points (0.3%) or R110 minimum; whichever is larger. A quarterly administration fee of R250 applies to all accounts. This amount is rebated in full if you have traded at least three (3) times in the given quarter. The commission is calculated per share traded per day. If more than one order to buy the same share is executed on the same day, the commission will be calculated on the total value for the day as one trade only and adjusted overnight. If one order to buy or sell shares is executed over two days you will be charged a commission for the value traded on each day as two separate trades. One order to buy a share and one order to sell a share on the same day will constitute two trades and will attract two separate commissions.


Other costs:

Account/Portfolio migration fee - We do not charge on incoming accounts, only outgoing migration, due to administrative costs and only on open positions at R120.00 (incl. VAT) per counter

We do not accept cash deposits or cheques. Please arrange for payment to be made via EFT. Clients who do transfer cash amounts into our bank account will be debited with the cash deposit fee levied by the bank. Please note that cash balances of R12,500 or more will earn the rate determined by the JSE Trustees less 100 basis points excluding tax. Cash balances below this threshold will not accrue interest nor will interest earned that is less than R50 be paid. This rate can fluctuate. If the account is overdrawn, a charge of 500 basis points on top of the JSE trustees' amount will be levied. Cash balances receive an interest rate of JSE - 1%.

Live Price Streaming (Free for Sharenet Premium and QuickStream subscribers) R196 per month R660 per month
Live Market Depth - 5 deep (Free for Sharenet Premium and QuickStream subscribers. Must also subscribe to Live Price Streaming) R75 per month Included
Research which includes Broker Consensus Recommendations and Forecasts of EPS, DPS, DY%, EY% and PE. Also Results and Results Due. (Free for Sharenet Premium subscribers) R393 per month R917 per month
Advanced Online Charts R252 per month R252 per month

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The cost calculator allows you to see the cost of an imaginary order on our system.
Don't worry, no order will be sent to the JSE, we will simply show you what the order would have cost you had you actually placed it.

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Platform is extremely reliable and support staff always willing to assist whatever my query might be. Powerstocks research is an invaluable trading and investment tool that I cannot live without!

Extremely satisfied with all levels of services received from Sharenet Securities. After attending the seminars there was only going to be one choice and that was Sharenet.